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Xuenn is a provider of leading edge, dynamic, innovative business and entertainment solutions for both mobile and non-mobile platforms.

Xuenn will continually thrive to improve, stretching beyond our limits, and aiming to be better than the best.

Xuenn. Leading Future Innovations.


But We Are One

We actively create a passionate and fun work environment.

Our uniqueness derives from our culturally diverse staff who speak a common professional language!
At Xuenn, we don't just create great apps, we also invest in people.

We believe that everyone should enjoy what they do, so we take great effort to encourage them to express themselves freely and to pursue their passion, whatever it may be. Whether it be sports, hobbies, or self-improvement, we support (be it moral or otherwise) their endeavors in whatever way we can.

We make sure that they grow as a better person along with making sure that they grow in their chosen career path.

As a way of giving back to the community, we also get involved in reach-out programs in pursuit of helping others and to share in our fortunes.


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Solutions & Services

Xuenn’s scalable business and entertainment solutions for both web and mobile platforms, built using state-of-the-art technology, are designed to comply with the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Xuenn always aims for the end-product to exceed the expectations of our clients. Xuenn services do not end with the launch of the business and entertainment solutions, we also provide comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Xuenn focuses on building solutions that need to fulfill a combined requirement of several technical challenges (each of which can be a big challenge by itself):

  • real-time processing
  • operational 24x7
  • high transaction volume
  • high concurrent user volume

Xuenn takes pride that multiple platforms fulfilling the above requirements have been built and successfully deployed, in turn enabling our clients’ business growth in providing more entertainment products to their members.

Xuenn will continually venture to build more exciting and challenging solutions, to further extend our services and value to our clients. Xuenn breathes and lives on technical challenges!!!


We Recognize Talent.

Make Xuenn a part of your future.

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